Acclive Homes has a passion to design and build premium homes in prime locations for diverse people across the UK.

Together with our key partners in the home building business, we are one of the UK’s foremost advocates for housing, urban regeneration and economic development. We are making as much use as possible of previously-developed, underused, or derelict sites, yet transforming them to create finest homes where people would want to live.

Our Partners

We are a proud partner with AK Architects, awards winning chartered practice of 30 years plus. We are prominent for delivering inventive, sustainable and cost-effective new build homes.

We also collaborate with JC-Consulting, a practice of skilled, innovative and professional engineers. JC-Consulting has a long-standing commitment to engineering excellence spanning over a decade, renowned for offering a wide range of design services to the built environment.

We work closely with Assure Building Control who are an Independent Corporate Approved Inspector, to ensure that our developments are put through attentive and thorough processes fully covering our obligations and corporate commitment to full compliance with Building Regulations.

Our Team

With our team of finest professionals, reputable craftsmen, established materials suppliers and subcontractors, we are well set-up to create sustainable new developments that inspire modern living, set new standards for home design and build quality. Our new homes deliver attractive traditional expressions and innovativeness as evident with our new developments at Bethel Court in County Durham.

We make sure our developments listen to the desires of our customers, firm on quality and consider surrounding natural features, paying attention to building design details and their relationship to open spaces, and inclusion of landscaping to provide a safe and attractive environment that would make places better for people to live.

Our Passion

Our passion does not just end with developing elegant homes in attractive places, we are also committed to building lifetime relationships, offering outstanding customer care, and actively giving back to the local communities in which we build and the people that live within them.

Acclive Homes is dedicated to providing new opportunities, supporting charity missions, developing local human capital, and delivering sustainable growth to the stakeholders including local authorities, government and public-sector organisations, potential customers, and the local communities.

Our Values

As a structured organisation operating in the increasingly dynamic business of home building, we recognise a deep-rooted saying: “you will never get a second chance to make a first impression”. We pride ourselves in our principal values of professionalism, integrity, trust, and cooperative partnership.

This way, we can consistently demonstrate our commitment to a safe, efficient and effective work methodology, recognising both our individual and corporate responsibilities to the increasingly changing socio-economic and environmental objectives in the wider communities in which we build in.